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Independent schools believe that great teachers are not born but become great with training, support, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. If we want to instill in our students a commitment to life-long learning, then teachers should model that attitude and life style for our students. There is no better way to do this than to be life-long learners ourselves. The AISNE & CAIS New England Teaching Seminars will help you realize that goal by providing intensive support and ongoing professional development to new teachers and veteran teachers of all grade levels.

NENTS 1.0 (August 6-10): This induction seminar helps new teachers prepare for their first day, first week and first year. Our staff of master teachers will lead you on a journey of self discovery, helping you to understand and manage the complex challenges facing all new teachers. What lies ahead? How do you think like a teacher? What is your learning style and what will that mean for your students? How do you create a classroom climate to meet the needs of your students? The framework of this seminar includes curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, active learning techniques and teaching philosophies all of which we hope will build confidence in preparing for your first few weeks of school. Additionally, guest speakers will address a variety of topics to enhance your work as a new teacher. This seminar will provide opportunities for new teachers to discuss current issues and trends in education while enabling you to form partnerships and alliances that will enhance excellence in teaching and learning.  Register for NENTS 1.0

NENTS 2.0 (August 11 - 13): Designed specifically for teachers who are entering their 2nd  through 5th year of teaching, this program will provide hands-on practical workshops so that teachers of any grade level can reflect on the work they do daily in the classroom and enhance their practice in the art and science of teaching.

Major highlights of this 3-day, residential program include opportunities to:

  • Work intensively with master teachers to understand best practices in individual disciplines and to develop concrete strategies for enhancing student dialogue, promoting safe and supportive classrooms, and developing students’ metacognitive and higher order thinking skills.
  • Work with Veronica Jutras and Minna Ham of the Gordon School to develop the self-awareness and strategies to serve students who bring a diverse array of cultural backgrounds, academic needs, and skills to the classroom environment.
  • Analyze and reflect upon lesson plan and teaching practice through video critique.
  • Investigate and experiment with strategies for integrating brain research into lesson design, creating classroom climate, engaging students, assessing effectively, differentiating instruction and incorporating technology.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the process of lesson study

Comments from past program participants...

From NENTS 1.0:

“The one-on-one work with my cohort leader and my master teacher was amazing.”

“The cohort experience was outstanding. Our group was insightful, respectful and energetic. I learned so much from them.”

“Videotaping was so helpful. I wish we could have done it again.”

“I really could not have asked for a better week. Every workshop and lesson taught me something new, and I feel so much more prepared for the upcoming year.”

“I cannot imagine entering this job without the knowledge and support I got here.”

From NENTS 2.0:

“I learned what to look for when observing or reflecting on my teaching, and I became much more open-minded about using different strategies to overcome challenges or simply spice things up in my classroom.”

“Videotape exercise is SO helpful!”

“I came away with so many new ideas to try from both my cohort leaders and my master teacher.”

“Cohort experience is so helpful. Meeting people that you don’t work with and from other disciplines brings fresh ideas.”

“The discussion of lessons and the video review were really helpful. If it weren’t for NENTS 2.0, I wouldn’t have really had the chance to video and review my class. It was terrifying but really helpful.”

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