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1. What is the best way to learn about independent schools?
Ask friends or business associates who may have experience with independent schools. Or visit schools that interest you. We also invite you to contact us - the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools - for assistance.

2. Which school is best for my child?
That depends upon your child's interests, strengths, needs and expectations, and the mission and resources of each school. Probably several CAIS schools can meet the particular needs of your child. Use the Finder's charts and communication tools to locate and make contact with possible choices!

3. Is my child qualified?
Nearly all children are candidates for an independent school education. While some schools have different aims and expectations than others, every independent school is dedicated to finding and fulfilling the promise within the students it enrolls.

4. How much do independent schools cost?
Tuition and other fees range from a few thousand dollars at some elementary day schools to over $20,000 for  boarding schools. Schools for children with special needs may cost more. But parents of every independent school child know that whatever the investment in dollars may be, it will look small when compared to a lifetime of dividends for  the child. 

5. Is financial aid available?
Need-based financial aid is available at most schools; the amount a school may be able to offer may vary depending on each school's financial resources. Families are always expected to contribute to the cost of their children's education to the best of their ability.

6. Is transportation to and from day schools available?
In most cases, yes. In-town free public transportation is mandated by law in Connecticut, and some schools also offer parent funded bus service for students living beyond the school's home town.

7. How much homework will my child be given?
Typically, more than at schools that are less academically ambitious - but the amount will be appropriate to your child's ability and the school's aims. All students are expected to develop good study habits and work purposefully. Whatever the assignments are, they will represent expectations, not suggestions. And incomplete homework will not be an option for any independent school student.

8. Is participation in extracurricular activities required?
Many independent schools have clear requirements in this area. All will have lots to offer, and will expect both action and commitment. Activities range from sports and the arts to community service, clubs, and other after-class opportunities for social, physical and emotional development.

9. Can parents get involved in school activities?
Parental involvement is not only encouraged, it is expected! Making your child's independent school education a success is a shared responsibility.

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