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Non-tuition revenue, endowments, and reserve funds.

Attendance at Fundamentals of Finance I is not a prerequisite for attendance at this program.

This program examines three key elements of school finance, and provides helpful hints for using them appropriately to improve your school’s financial health. 

Non-tuition revenue - Are auxiliary programs helping or hurting your school’s “bottom line” as they offer important services to students and parents?  Is your school managing restricted gifts in ways that ease budget pressure while respecting donor intent? 

Endowments - How can endowments support your school’s program in perpetuity?  Just how much can and should be drawn from an endowment without weakening it over the long term? 

Reserve funds - How much should your school set aside in reserve funds to preserve your facilities against extraordinary demands for funds, like roof replacement or boiler replacement?  What about your technology infrastructure?  What reserves are appropriate to keep it up to date?

Fundamentals II is designed for those seeking a more in-depth understanding of school finance, and for business officers who must deal with these topics in their work.  It grew out of suggestions made by attendees at the related program Fundamentals of Finance I: Budgeting and Reporting, but participation in that workshop is not required.  Fundamentals II is open to all who are interested in attending; there is NO prerequisite. 

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