Diversifying The Education System: How To Spark Change Through Inclusive Hiring
Zara Chaudary, Global DEI Strategist and Trainer, PowerToFly

When it comes to more representation of diversity within the education system, it starts with who we hire, how we hire, and how to provide impactful experiences for the students and families that we serve. Join us as we hear from Zara Chaudary, Global DEI Strategist at PowerToFly, who will share the importance of using inclusive hiring to build diverse teams that have an impact on our students, organizations and the education system as a whole. As an expert in the field with over 10 years of experience between working with the NYC Department of Education and as an HR manager, she is a strong advocate for utilizing the hiring process as a tool for change.

This event is virtual.

Zara Chaudary is a Global DEI Strategist and Trainer, who prides herself on being a passionate disruptor. An experienced change maker, she prioritizes the disruption of harmful systems, creating and facilitating brave spaces and opportunities for individuals to explore their intersectional identities, and empowering every individual to bring their whole self to work. Utilizing a holistic approach, she excels at collaborating with key players to craft strategic vision and operationalizing strong action steps to elevate workplace culture to a healthy culture of belonging. With an extensive background in Human Resources, operations, and programming within the non-profit, education, and tech sectors, Zara keeps a focused eye on the long-term mission and ensures she infuses humor in everything she does along the way. She’s also not afraid to openly share her love for Brooklyn and donuts!