Institutional Sustainability: 15 Measures to Watch
William (Bill) Kummel, Principal, Rational Partners

Running a school is like running a state: What resources do you consume in the present rather than conserve for the future? Explore with a management consultant in institutional economics the challenges and opportunities in crafting a sustainable economic model for your school -- and all schools. 
Topics include:
  • Program Revenue:  full-pay leverage, fair-market price, and value proposition.
  • Program Expense:   labor productivity, section size, SG&A expense, and low cost models.
  • Grants:  need, merit, remission and socioeconomic diversity.
  • Philanthropy Net:  advancement, endowment and asset conservation.
  • Physical Plant:  capital maintenance and space utilization.
  • Governance.  mergers, acquisitions, arrangements, and long-term ownership.
Session includes Q&A and sustainability analytics for 900+ independent schools, including 60 CAIS members.

William (Bill) Kummel is a Principal of Rational Partners, a New York-based management consultant in institutional economics to independent schools. The work measures and evaluates near and long-term institutional market position, comparative advantage and financial sustainability. The firm maintains a proprietary analytics platform of institutional sustainability on 900+ independent schools, including 60 CAIS schools.  A graduate of independent schools – Buckley (NY City) and Phillips Academy (Andover) – Kummel received a BA in Architecture from Yale as well as an MBA and JD from Georgetown.