P1. Are your Business Payments Safe?
John Zaudtke and Sierre Lindgren -- Paymerang
Did you know your current check processing is posing risks and exposing your AP payments to payment fraud risks? With internal and external threats on the rise, accounting teams have no time to lose in mitigating the risk of payment fraud, safeguarding sensitive banking information, and ensuring the integrity of the accounting system. Electronic payment solutions, such as virtual cards and ACH transactions, provide greater protections than paper checks, mitigating the risk of payment fraud. 
Learning Objectives

  • Discuss growing payment fraud risks to your organization
  • Highlight recent payment fraud incidents that have impacted businesses 
  • Learn how to safeguard your business payments through e-payments.

P2. Get Paid to Go Green 
Sean Kenney & Shaun Pandit -- Early Bird Power
New utility incentive programs in Connecticut have resulted in several innovative business models that allow schools to receive income from Solar and Battery projects without having to invest any upfront capital.  In this session, you will learn how these models work, what the financial benefits typically are, and how best to explore what programs might be right for your school.

P3. Accounting and Tax Update for Independent Schools
John Toscano, CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
This session will cover some key accounting and tax updates which may impact the School’s financial reporting and tax filings. We will also look back at some recently adopted accounting standards and how they have impacted independent schools.  

P4.The Benefits of Using your Tuition Management System as Your Receivables Subsidiary Ledger
Kate Henderson, Regional Vice President of FACTS Management
Maggie Dolan, Director of Finance at The Independent Day School

In this session you will learn the benefits of using a tuition management system as your true subsidiary ledger, to help manage all tuition and fees (student billing) for every student/family, in one place. We will discuss the benefits to your business office, to your families and how you can put this in place at your school.

You will hear from Maggie Dolan, Director of Finance at The Independent Day School, and learn what challenges she faced prior to outsourcing all receivables, how she implemented this type of set up and how it’s improved efficiencies, automated her month-end close and improved the overall billing and payment experience for her families. 


P5. How to Improve your Lockdown and Emergency Preparedness While Also Replacing your Expensive and Tired Old PBX
Michael LeBlanc, CCi Voice

Michael LeBlanc will discuss how to be technologically prepared for a lockdown, including access control at entrances, paging throughout the building, emergency alerts  that can be initiated from most anywhere in the building by staff, enhanced e911 options that can alert staff and groups of staff when e911 is called AND even enable staff to listen in on e911 calls. And finally, keeping all of this within budget AND tying it into a brand new phone service.



P6. Positioning Yourself Well in the New Liability Landscape
Julie Price – Vice President, Education Team Leader – Fred C. Church Insurance

Chris Duble, CEO, Education Team Client Executive – Fred Church Insurance


Social Inflation, Revisor Statutes, Spiraling Legal Defense Costs.  Mistrust of Educational Institutions.  Severe Athletic Injuries.  Sexual Misconduct.  Uninsurable Pandemic Risks.  All of these risks are contributing to an independent school liability environment which can be positively toxic.  This session will present steps you can take now to protect your school’s assets and reputation.


PP1. The Newest Wave of Retirement Plan Participant Education...WellCents

Patrick Morrissey, Senior Advisor, Retirement and Jeff Fogle, Advisor, Retirement, NFP

WellCents is an end-to-end worksite financial advice solution designed to inspire your faculty and staff to develop financial confidence, and to remove barriers that may limit them from enacting sound financial decisions.  By merging technology with personal interaction, and moving from retirement planning to holistic financial wellness, WellCents empowers your employees to take their next best financial step.


PP2. Reimagining the Independent School Campus – Planning for the Future
Richard Connell, FAIA Chairman, Principal Architect and Nathan Bernier, CPE, LEED AP, Senior Associate, Chief Estimator SLAM Construction Services

This workshop will present the methodology of evaluating existing campus infrastructure, identification of future needs and developing a financial plan for implementation.


PP3. Best Practices in Tuition Refund Insurance
Jack Strain, Executive Vice President & John Sugrue, Account Executive, A.W.G. Dewar

This workshop will highlight the advantages of having a licensed, professionally managed tuition refund program to address tuition income protection and student withdrawal risk.

PP4. Do you know who is on your campus right now, and should they be?
Johnny Helenek, Solution Specialist, SchoolPass
Schools struggle with managing who is on campus, and in today’s new normal, this is even more important! Schools are focused on following guidelines to keep schools safely opened. The ability to know at any given point in time who is on your campus and whether they should be, for the entire school community including students, parents, teachers, staff, vendors, and visitors is critical. Front office staff spend endless hours managing all the movement throughout the school day. Standalone visitor management systems, clipboard sign in/out sheets,  dismissals with bull horns,  and limited after school activity attendance create disjointed information making it impossible to access real time data about who is on campus. Join us to learn how K-12 schools are able to consolidate and modernize the arrival, wellness/vaccination screening, and dismissal/departure of students, visitors, and staff in one platform, while enabling staff to more quickly and accurately account for everyone on campus throughout the school day, especially during an emergency. We will also share some insights from fellow CAIS member, St. Luke’s, a SchoolPass client!

PP5. Fundamentals of Tax-Exempt Financing for Independent Schools 
Michael Botelho, Shareholder, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, P.C.
This session will explore the basic elements of tax-exempt borrowings benefitting independent schools in both the public and private arena.