It's Our Time! Stay Out of Our Way. Periodt.
Sponsored by: The CAIS Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools

Registration Limit: 25 participants per school which includes student facilitators and adults

Schools must register one adult for every 14 students

Conference Registration Fees (Registration deadline is April 6th)
$230 for each school registered (includes one registration)
$25 for each additional registrant

Are you a student interested in the conference, but you do not know if you should attend? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you decide if CAIS SDLC is for you!

Who attends the conference?
600+ students from CT independent schools in grades 7 through 12 participate in breakout sessions facilitated by student facilitators. Faculty, staff, and administrators attend keynote and breakout sessions designed for adults.

Who facilitates the sessions?
Student facilitators from CAIS schools who have facilitation experience are trained to facilitate student sessions (MS and HS 101). Facilitators must also register for the conference with their school.

What is the schedule of the day?
We begin the morning with registration and an opening ceremony. There are keynote speakers, student performances, and a general pump up welcome to start the day!

Next, we have lunch and workshop sessions:

  • Middle School 101: students in grades 7 and 8 (student-led workshop)
  • High School 101: first time attendees in grades 9-11 (student-led workshop)
  • High School 201: returning students in grades 9-11
  • Seniors: all students in grade 12 (except facilitators)
  • Adults: all adults

We end the day with a closing activity, typically involving share out from workshops and more student performances!

Why should I participate?
You get to:

  • Meet students from across the state
  • Spend time with others that care as much about diversity and equity as you do
  • Participate in hands-on activities in small groups
  • Hear what the programs, clubs, and other initiatives are like at other schools
  • Learn more about yourself and social justice
  • Return to your school with more knowledge and tools to do the work
  • Have fun!

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Please email Susan Martell Jenkin, [email protected], if you have any questions or would like additional information!

About the Conference:
Founded in 2003 by the CAIS Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools, this conference was inspired by events in other regions (such as Across Colors in Southern California) and modeled after the national conference held annually by NAIS. The mission of the event is to bring students from grades 7-12 and adults from independent schools across the state together for a day of networking and dialogue, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and a call to action to improve our school communities and our world.