CAIS membership is open to any elementary or secondary school that is not-for-profit, nondiscriminatory, fiscally sound and has an appropriate system of governance that ensures the school stays true to its mission. Schools that are Members of CAIS must be accredited by either CAIS or the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Commission on Independent Schools.  Both organizations are approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education. Accreditation by CAIS is overseen by the Commission on Membership and Accreditation.

For additional information, please contact Christina Dixcy.

The CAIS Accreditation Process Phases of Accreditation
CAIS Standards for Accreditation CAIS Accreditation Manual
CAIS Handbook for Visiting Committee Chairs CAIS Handbook for Visiting Team Members
CAIS Complaint Policy Suggested Self Study Calendar