Why Choose an Independent School Education?

The phrase good school has limitations. Good schools are not merely places where students learn, for learning is a neutral term. Students can learn things of value in a school, but they can also learn to be uninterested in the tasks required of them and disengaged from the joy of learning. Learning in school will always occur; directing it toward desirable attitudes and outcomes is the major purpose and challenge of formal education. Connecticut’s independent schools have a long history of meeting that challenge; instilling a love of learning in students and preparing graduates for success in citizenship and careers in the 21st Century.


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Benefits of CAIS Membership

  • Legislative representation that safeguards independence of member schools
  • Rigorous and proven accreditation process
  • Personalized professional staff support for individual schools
  • Professional development offerings that are grounded in best practice and responsive to current and future needs of independent schools
  • Prominent representation and recognition at the national level
  • Networking opportunities within a broad range of independent schools
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Independent schools are expensive.
Are they worth it?

At a time when people in America look longingly for a sense of real community, independent schools offer communities that are diverse and inclusive, authentic and meaningful, where the commitment to education is both deeply rewarding, and at times, vividly transformational.

Our school communities are composed of students, teachers and staff, school leaders, trustees, parents, and alumni with varied backgrounds and experiences, beliefs and viewpoints, strengths and challenges, and they are united in fostering healthy, confident, and courageous students who are both strong in their collaboration while they remain unique and valued individuals. 

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