Why Choose an Independent School Education?

The phrase good school has limitations. Good schools are not merely places where students learn, for learning is a neutral term. Students can learn things of value in a school, but they can also learn to be uninterested in the tasks required of them and disengaged from the joy of learning. Learning in school will always occur; directing it toward desirable attitudes and outcomes is the major purpose and challenge of formal education. Connecticut’s independent schools have a long history of meeting that challenge; instilling a love of learning in students and preparing graduates for success in citizenship and careers in the 21st Century.

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Benefits of CAIS Membership

  • Legislative representation that safeguards independence of member schools
  • Rigorous and proven accreditation process
  • Personalized professional staff support for individual schools
  • Professional development offerings that are grounded in best practice and responsive to current and future needs of independent schools
  • Prominent representation and recognition at the national level
  • Networking opportunities within a broad range of independent schools


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New Landscape: Adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In January 2020, I was kicking around an idea for this article that had the working concept of “Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” In February, the article gained some shape when I spoke on the topic.
By the time the deadline was becoming real enough that I put words on a computer screen, Covid-19 had shuttered schools in Connecticut, closed restaurants and prompted a recommendation for public gatherings to be limited to 10 people. Within this reality, I looked back at my notes about the context for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What would define it and give it shape, and what would be its attributes?

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