Commission on School Advancement

The Commission on School Advancement promotes networking and professional development events for professionals working in admissions, development, and communications at member schools. The commission organizes an annual conference for school advancement personnel each spring. Members are admissions, development and communications officers at CAIS schools. The Commission is staffed by the Executive Director.

Commission Members
Chair: Alison Cady (Choate Rosemary Hall) 
Vice-Chair: David Suter (Ridgefield Academy)
Secretary: Laura Jalinskas (The Independent Day School)
Jody Abzug (Foote School)
Miles Bailey (Westminster School)
Emily Brady (Notre Dame High School)
Barbara Doyle (Renbrook School)
Lisa Ferraro (Eagle Hill School)
Jessica Khazak (Ezra Academy)
Lori Kriegel (Wooster School)
Mary Risner (Westover School)
Teresa Sullivan (The Country School)
CAIS Liaison: Nancy Dickson